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 Interwetten.com - 50-150 euros bonus

Interwetten.com - 50-150 euros bonus

Interwetten is one of the leading providers of online sport betting.

Founded in 1990 as provider of sport betting via telephone, the company today has 110 employees and reached a betting turnover of about 320 million EUR in 2008. The internationally active company currently has more than 1,000,000 million registered customers in 200 countries. In 2008, bets were placed on more than 90.000 different sports events in more than 70 countries. Altogether, 11 million sports bets were placed in the previous year.

For the current business year, Interwetten is expecting a continuation of this success – also thanks to the strong international expansion. The number of placed bets is predicted to be 12 million and the betting turnover should increase to 345 million EUR

Interwetten gives you the choice of over 8.000 different bets per week. There are bets available on football, tennis, formula 1, American football, baseball, basketball, icehockey, boxing, etc. annually encompassing more than 45.000 sporting events from over 50 countries. With every sport there's the choice of single bets, accumulators and system bets. A wide range of special bets completes the picture, such as handicap bets, goal bets, result bets etc.

Our bookies have the benefit of over 18 years experience of determining odds. They are boosted by partners throughout the world from South America to Scandinavia, from Germany to Singapore. Interwetten is reputed to offer the best odds world wide, above all on top international matches, whether it's the Champions League or the English Premier League. See for yourself

Guaranteed and fast payouts of winnings

Your winnings are transferred to your Interwetten account immediately after the results have been announced. On request, your winnings can be transferred to your bank account. Interwetten guarantees payment!

In order to guarantee secure data transfer sensitive information is sent only in SSL-encoded form. Deposits to your betting account can be made by credit card, Moneybookers and via bank transfer. Interwetten accepts Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club. In Germany and Austria it's also possible to deposit with a Paysafecard, a pre-paid card for the Internet. In Austria it's also possible to pay into the betting account via Paybox, a mobile phone system.

Privacy and security enjoy top priority at Interwetten! Confidential data is only sent in an SSL-encoded form. The entire system is also protected by a high security firewall in line with bank standards. Information passed on to us is treated completely confidentially and under no circumstances is it passed on to third parties

Register on Interwetten.com and get some bonuses .

Дата публикации: 08.12.2009
Страница прочитана: 325 раз

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