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  What are Fixed Odds? 02.06.2008

What are Fixed Odds?

The history of fixed odds dates back to the 19th century and the origins of football gambling. During the 1880s, newspapers started offering fixed prizes for correctly predicting the outcome of games. These prizes became known as "fixed odds".

Today, licensed bookmakers still offer fixed odds "prizes" for correct football match prediction. The term "fixed odds" is perhaps more appropriate for the high street bookmaker, who publishes a long list of football matches and their accompanying betting odds for the coming weekend several days in advance. This is an expensive process and cannot be repeated if mistakes are made or if the bookmaker needs to alter a price in response to customer demand. Consequently, once the list goes to print, the betting odds become fixed.

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  YouWin.com is a brand name of WINunited Ltd 30.03.2010


YouWin.com is a brand name of WINunited Ltd, a company duly registered on the 05th January 2005, under the laws of Malta

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  Fixed Odds Betting Markets 02.06.2008

Fixed Odds Betting Markets

There are many types of fixed odds betting markets available and most are suited to the full range of sports that fixed odds betting attracts. The most popular and common market is match betting. In standard match bets between two teams or players, winning odds are available for both, and the wager will either win or lose depending on the outcome of the event. Match bets are most popular in football and, because a significant proportion of games end without any winner, the "draw" is offered as a betting option. This means that if the match is drawn, only "draw" bets will win, and bets on either team to win will not be due any return. Football fixed odds match betting is sometimes known as 1X2 betting. On fixed odd coupons, a "1" denotes the home team, with the away team represented by a "2" and the draw by an X.

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  Fixed Odds Betting Wagers 02.06.2008

Fixed Odds Betting Wagers

There are all sorts of fixed odds wagers available, although not all of them are suitable or indeed available for every betting market. The simplest of all bets is the single. With a single bet on a sports event, only one outcome is backed, and the bet can generally either win or lose, although in Asian handicap, there are other possibilities. With a simple win/lose single, a selection must be successful to achieve a return. A typical single match bet might be Liverpool to beat Manchester United at 2/1. If Liverpool win, a £10 stake would realise a profit of £20; if they draw or lose, the stake is lost. Singles odds are today generally available for almost any sporting contest one can think of, from home wins, draws and away wins in football match bets, to ante post wagers on the next Olympic downhill skiing champion.

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  Arbitrage 02.06.2008


Technically, there is one way to guarantee that a profit is made from a fixed odds sports bet - arbitrage.

Different bookmakers vary slightly in the prices they offer for sporting contests. If the variation is great enough, a bet can be placed on each outcome at the best available odds using two or more bookmakers, in such a way that, with correct staking, a profit is guaranteed whatever the result of the game. This possibility arises because, by taking the best odds from different bookmakers, the punter can reduce the overround on the book to below 0%. The book for the punter is then said to be "overbroke" and the betting opportunity is known as an arbitrage, sure win or sure bet.

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  Value Betting: Gaining an Edge over the Bookie 02.06.2008

Value Betting: Gaining an Edge over the Bookie

If the bookmaker's odds are unfair, how can a punter ever win? Given the disadvantage the overround imposes, it is no surprise that as many as 95% of gamblers fail to win at fixed odds sports betting over the long term. There is no denying that most bookmakers, particularly the well-established firms, are very good at setting prices, estimating the true chance of sporting results and locking in a profit margin.

Nevertheless, sports are not statistically quantifiable, in the sense that cards or other forms of casino gambling are, where simple laws of probability govern the outcome of games like blackjack, roulette and craps. I know that I have a 1/37 chance of landing a number 36 on a European roulette wheel (1/38 chance on an American wheel). But how can I know what the true probability is of Ronnie O'Sullivan winning the world snooker championship again? And if I think I know what his chances are, how can I be sure that my estimate is more accurate than the bookmaker's?

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  Sunmaker - poker , betting , casino 13.01.2009

Sunmaker - принимают вебмани дают 33 евро в подарок

Sunmaker is operated by EntractionLtd, Malta.
The company provides different gaming services in cooperation with leading software providers to bring our players the best possible gaming experience.

EntractionLtd operating Sportsbetting, is regulated and licensed by Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Malta

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  BetUk.com - 50% cashmatch bonus 20.01.2009

BetUK Facts and Information

Current as of Jan ‘09



  • Company Name: BetUK
  • Group: BetUK
  • Licensed In: Isle of Man
  • Established: March 2006
  • Company’s T&C’s: betuk.com/en/help/myaccount/openaccount.html
  • URL: betuk.com
  • Email: support@betuk.com
  • Phone: n/a
  • Currencies: UK Sterling, US Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swedish Kronor, Norwegian Kroner, Danish Kroner, Swiss Francs, Chinese Yuan, Renminbi and Euros.
  • Minimum Deposit: £10.00 (GBP) or currency equivalent
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  Skybook is the internet's sportsbook specialists 08.02.2009

San Jose, Costa Rica since 1997
Phone Number:
50% free-play bonus on initial deposit. 10% re-up bonus. Free half-point on all football wagers with a deposit of $50 or more. Free poker tournament entry.

Skybook is the internet's sportsbook specialists. Experience Las Vegas style sports betting from the comfort of your home.

Place wagers on America’s favorite sports including Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. Established as the Home of the Free Half-Point, Skybook remains the leading authority among offshore sportsbooks in promotions and free half-point specials.

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  BetOnline Sportsbook 09.02.2009

Clickhere to open an account at BetOnline Sportsbook!

Bet on your favorite teams and athletes from all major sportsat BetOnline.com .NFL Football, NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey, NCAA,WNBA, Tennis, Soccer, NASCAR and F1 Racing, and boxing live linesare available in BetOnline’s.com sportsbook 24/7. Also enjoydaily rebates on all major and minor racing tracks in the BetOnline.comRacebook and the thrill of Vegas in the online virtual casino.

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