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Predictions in english Прогнозы от BBC
Суббота, 10 Декабрь 2011


Arsenal v Everton

Arsenal v Everton

Arsenal may have lost in the Champions League in midweek but forget about that, manager Arsene Wenger took the chance to rest a few players and I've no problem with that.

The fact is Arsenal are back at home, they are going well, and with Manchester United showing a few frailties in a few competitions the Gunners will want to keep chipping away and getting results. They've done extremely well of late and even though you feel that they are still vulnerable against the top teams they are still a good side and have shown that with a fine run of form.

Everton, on the other hand, were disappointing in the extreme against Stoke last week. I don't think they had a shot on goal and City easily kept them at bay.

This is a completely different fixture in that having enjoyed most of the ball last week, Everton will have to go long periods without it this week. Even so, and while Everton always give Arsenal a good game, I think the Gunners will just have too much quality.

Prediction: 2-0

Match preview

Bolton v Aston Villa

Bolton v Aston Villa

Bolton would have lost at Tottenham last week whether Gary Cahill had been red-carded or not, such is Spurs' form. Even so, that defeat does pile even more pressure on manager Owen Coyle - and another match at home might not be the greatest thing in the world, given how poor they've been at the Reebok Stadium this campaign.

I don't see Bolton turning their form around too soon. Not much has been said about the loss of Daniel Sturridge and Johan Elmander from last season and I think they have proved a big loss.

David Ngog is never going to be good enough to be a regular Premier League player and Kevin Davies's powers are just on the wane. You look at it and wonder where their goals are coming from. They are in very real danger of relegation.

Aston Villa, meanwhile, have got to decide what they want to do. I look at them and it's exactly like watching Birmingham last season - they've made themselves compact, difficult to beat and don't commit too many men forward - but I feel they've got more attacking quality than that.

They've got to go for it a bit more - and if they did that they'd win more than they'd lose. In Gabriel Agbonlahor and Darren Bent they have two very good players, but they are just not getting the best out of them. They're a little bit conservative. I think Alex McLeish is aiming for mid-table - and that's probably exactly what they'll get, no more, no less.

With that in mind, I'll go for a draw.

Prediction: 1-1

Match preview

Liverpool v QPR

Liverpool v QPR

I'm normally one of Liverpool's most severe critics but I thought they were unlucky in losing at Fulham on Monday. The Jay Spearing tackle [for which he was sent off] would not even have got a yellow five years ago - it was just a good, strong tackle for me - and if he doesn't get sent off, Liverpool don't lose in my opinion. But such is life, and Liverpool have to pick themselves up.

This weekend QPR are in town and Neil Warnock's boys have enjoyed a lot more success on the road than at home this season.

The thing with Liverpool, though, is that I think they're about to beat someone quite heavily at home. They have created loads of chances, they've endured draws against the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Swansea at home when perhaps they deserved more, and I just think someone's going to get rolled over.

That could be this weekend.

Prediction: 2-0

Match preview

Man Utd v Wolves

Man Utd v Wolves

After their midweek exit from the Champions League, the lead-up to this match will be dominated by negative headlines; "Manchester United calamity, Manchester United catastrophe," and so on. As ever, it will be a complete over-reaction.

What it will mean, however, is that this is probably the worst possible time for Wolves to go to Old Trafford. United are at home, Sir Alex Ferguson will have the bit between his teeth, and he will have lit a fire under the players. As a result, I expect an easy home win here.

Frankly, Mick McCarthy will know what to expect. He will expect a United reaction, a backlash, and it will be his team on the end of it. It's just as well Wolves got that win last week against Sunderland because they won't get a jot at Old Trafford.

Prediction: 2-0

Match preview

Norwich v Newcastle

Norwich v Newcastle

An interesting game this one. Going into their three most recent games - big games, all of them - I think if Newcastle had got three points they'd have done all right. But they only got one and now all of a sudden they've got injury problems with the likes of Steven Taylor and Fabricio Coloccini, decisions are going against them, and in the space of those games they've gone from high-flyers to a team enduring a bit of a wobble.

With all that in mind, I'm going with a Norwich win. Norwich are good at home, and manager Paul Lambert will have them well prepared. He will sense Newcastle are a little low, perhaps feeling a bit sorry for themselves, and he'll probably think "let's strike while the iron's hot".

Prediction: 2-1

Match preview

Swansea v Fulham

Swansea v Fulham

Fulham's win on Monday night against Liverpool was a good one, no matter the circumstances of it, and took them a nice few places up the league. The problem they have ahead of this game is that I think Danny Murphy is out injured with an ankle problem and that will be a big blow because he's their string-puller.

We know all about Swansea at home - they knock it about, make the pitch bigger, have plenty of possession and I fancy them to bounce back after last week with a win.

They're ticking along nicely and I love the way they play. Even if away from home you can get at them too easy, at home they're a completely different animal.

It's a tough place to go because you spend an awful lot of time chasing the ball, and I don't think Fulham will get much this weekend.

Prediction: 2-1

Match preview

West Brom v Wigan

West Brom v Wigan

As the weeks go by, Wigan just look more and more like a relegation team. They're next great problem is going to be that, come January, a few of their players will look to jump ship, while very few players will fancy coming on board for a relegation battle.

What West Brom do is win the games you expect them to win. They very rarely let you down in that department. As a bonus, Shane Long is back and scoring, as is Peter Odemwingie, having had his knuckles rapped.

I'm going for a comfortable home win again here.

Prediction: 2-0

Match preview


Sunderland v Blackburn

Sunderland v Blackburn (1330)

Let's deal with Blackburn first because it was a good win for them last week against Swansea - and yet still the supporters are protesting against the manager when the game's on. What's that all about? If you're a supporter, you back your team when they play. What you do before and after the game is up to you, but support your team on the pitch.

Unfortunately for Blackburn and their manager Steve Kean, this is probably the worst game Rovers could have had on the back of such a good result.

Martin O'Neill is coming in for his first match in charge of Sunderland - and what Martin does is lift people. Wherever he has been he has made players better and I think that is the best skill you can have a manager. It's a massive skill.

Whoever was going to get Martin back in management was going to get a top manager and while yes, he's a mate, he just has 'it'. He confronts players, he challenges players, he takes players others might regard as lost causes and regenerates them. Even in a week I expect a different Sunderland this weekend.

I think it'll be sneaky, but I'll go Sunderland to win.

Prediction: 2-1

Match preview

Stoke City v Tottenham

Stoke v Tottenham (1600)

This is a tough test for Harry Redknapp and his Tottenham team. Will the super midfield he's got be able to deny Stoke the ball and defensively can they deal with what the Potters have got? I'm not sure - and so I think this is one of Tottenham's toughest games for a while.

They've been on this wonderful run but this is real banana-skin territory. We all know what Stoke are like; they're tough, they can upset you and you have to deal with the stuff that comes into your box. It's a real slippery one.

Tottenham's football has been outstanding and they deserve to be where they are right now - if they win their game in hand they're second in the table. But eventually you lose a game or two and you get a few injuries - and that's the test. It's how you deal with that that counts. Yes, they won at West Brom the other week without Rafael van der Vaart and Luka Modric and you think maybe they have changed and are more resilient, but we will have to wait and see.

These are the games they have to win. Stoke enjoyed a fine win last week, don't have to worry about next week's Europa League match at Besiktas having already qualified, so I fancy them to deny Tottenham all three points.

Prediction: 1-1

Match preview


Chelsea v Man City

Chelsea v Man City (2000)

Big game, this, big game.

I was impressed with Chelsea against Valencia in midweek. I think they got their tactics absolutely spot on - they sat deep, denied [Valencia striker] Roberto Soldado space, had plenty of legs in midfield running up and down the park, and it was a good performance and a good result. If you can guarantee Didier Drogba's going to be like that all season, too, then they're going to have absolutely no problem.

The thing, as well, is that the balls have just started to run for Chelsea. They were never a bad team and they're still a good side, even if they are not quite as good as they were.

Manchester City may have felt a bit flat in the week having gone out of the Champions League, but they still beat Bayern Munich and they will just carry on and keep going in the league, I'm sure.

As for contesting the Europa League - I don't think it'll have an impact on City at all. For a start they needn't even think about it until February, and after that they have the squad to play two teams if they want. If it ever starts infringing on their league games I'm sure they'll sack it off anyway, so I don't see it being a problem at all.

As for Monday, I'll probably err on the side of a draw here.

Prediction: 1-1

Match preview

Источник: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/16090675.stm 
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