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 Eurosportbet.co.uk - от 75 до 100 фунтов подарок

Eurosportbet.co.uk - от 75 до 100 фунтов подарок

EurosportBET is the commercial brand of SPS SA and its subsidiary SPS Betting (Alderney) Ltd. Both were created in 2008 and are respectively based in Paris and Alderney, bailiwick of Guernsey.

EurosportBET employees are passionate about sports and the internet. Our wish is to transfer the values and spirit of Eurosport, the leading sports media company in Europe, into the online betting universe. Nothing is more exciting than a sporting event except when betting on it.

The best of all sports
The EurosportBET's betting offer will increase day after day. Indeed, EurosportBET sets the same goal as Eurosport: to offer the most renowned events in a large variety of sports. From football to alpine skiing through darts and golf, EurosportBET will set a wide range of bets. Even inside one single sport, choices will be multiple, from international competitions to local events.

EurosportBET will place LIVE events at the heart of its offer. Sport is even more intensely felt in the instant. Please be patient and vigilant in the upcoming months, and come and find out the new features EurosportBET will frequently set up on its site.

Our values
EurosportBET's offer is built around the following values:

Passion : love of all sport
Emotion : LIVE sport, the most stunning script
Trust : security is the first priority for EurosportBET
Entertainment : gambling must remain an enjoyable leisure (see our responsible gaming section
Betting under perfect security conditions
A strong shareholder
EurosportBET is a subsidiary of Eurosport and fully owned by the French media leader TF1. Mostly known for operating the largest European free TV channel, the TF1 Group's activities cover the whole of the audiovisual industry: upstream in production, acquisition and sale of audiovisual rights and also distribution of feature films to cinemas.

In 2008, the group has a turnover of more than 2.5 billion euros and has over 3,700 employees. We are a reliable company who care about the quality of service to our customers and with our backing we guarantee all money deposited with us.

A network of trustworthy partners
In order to guarantee the highest reliability and level of security for your money transfers, EurosportBET formed partnerships with renowned companies in the gambling industry: Trustmarque, Royal Bank of Scotland and Payment Trust...

Your bank details will be encrypted and stored in secure servers. Our customer service remains at your entire disposal and will answer all your questions. Contact us at the following address: customersupport@eurosportbet.com.

Operate within the law
A full e-gaming license has been issued to SPS by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. We will scrupulously respect the rules of our activity. The EurosportBET betting offer is currently strictly reserved for UK residents.

EurosportBET's ambition is to become a pan-European online gambling operator, running its activities in full respect for all national regulations

Play on Eurosportbet and get 75-100 pounds in freebets

Дата публикации: 29.07.2010
Страница прочитана: 284 раза

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